NCRA By-election - Indigenous Rep Due August 27th

Dear NCRA/ANREC member stations,

There is a designated seat for an Indigenous representative from the First Nations, Métis and Inuit of what is now called Canada on the NCRA board. Since an Indigenous representative was not elected at the annual general meeting in June 2018, we will fill this seat through a by-election.

Member stations are encouraged to nominate a programmer, volunteer, or staff member who self-identifies as Indigenous; First Nations, Métis, or Inuit. The seat is for a 2-year term, expiring at the NCRA's 2020 AGM.

Please note that this is the second call-out for nominations, as the first call went out in July 2018 and there were no nominations. If no one is elected to the Indigenous Seat during this second by-election, NCRA bylaws state that the Seat will remain vacant until our next AGM (or a Special General Meeting, if one is called) in 2019. So if you have some interest in running for this seat, or in finding out more about what is involved in serving on the NCRA board of directors, please contact me at secretary (at)

Voting procedures will be sent out to members after the candidates are announced.

Catherine Fisher

NCRA Board Secretary

Participation in the by-election as a candidate:

To participate as a candidate in this by-election, you must complete the attached generic nomination form and return it to the NCRA board secretary by 5pm PT, Aug 27th, 2018.  On Aug 30th, nomination forms will be redistributed by email to all NCRA member stations, along with voting details. Members will have seven days to submit their vote and the elected representative will be announced on Sept 6th.

More about the Indigenous seat:

NCRA Resolutions 1997-F7 and 2007- F7 say the director elected to fill the Indigenous seat shall also lead the Indigenous Committee. The committee conducts outreach to grow its membership in all regions and examines methods of increasing Indigenous representation in the NCRA.

2018/2019 term Board Composition requirements:

Stations can't have more than one representative on the NCRA/ANREC Board, with the exception of the Indigenous seat. Therefore, ANY NCRA/ANREC member station, including stations who have representatives already serving on the board, can put forward a candidate who self-identifies as Indigenous; First Nations, Métis, or Inuit in this by-election.