CRTC Seeing input about the future of programming from listeners/stations

The CRTC has hired EKOS to conduct an online poll on the future of radio and TV (audio and visual) programme distribution in Canada

The survey is open until  and can be found here:

We highly encourage stations to share the EKOS survey link with their programmers and listeners to make sure our perspectives from the public standpoint are covered.

If you are wondering, our first submission as an association to the CRTC's public programming consultation was written using your comments. It is available here.   We are in the process of working with our partners in the French community radio associations to develop a sector-wide and unified response for the second phase of the CRTC public consultations, which is due mid-February.  We believe the EKOS survey will also help inform the content of the CRTC's report to Canadian Heritage on this topic.

Barry Rooke
NCRA Executive Director