Wayne Smith


Wayne joined c/c radio in 2017 as Board member and Program Director at CJQC (known to the outside world as QCCR-FM), Liverpool, N.S (Mi'gmagi). His old-school radio intro was at Lambton College, Sarnia, ON, followed by a 14-year newspaper career as reporter/news editor. He has taught multi-faith sensitivity at a Canadian military school. In 2016 he earned a PhD in African 'ubuntu' at the Univ. of Pretoria, S.A. He was founding treasurer of a N.S. non-profit community development group. He was trained as a classical and jazz keyboardist, and has worked as a semi-pro musician in rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, celtic, and fusion/world-music bands. "I love campus and community radio because we listen to the world!"