Community Radio Commits Nearly $500,000 for Small Business Needs

July 13th, 2020 – Today, the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC) and 30+ radio stations have committed over $480,000 to support local businesses in the economic recovery. From coast to coast, in small towns to major cities including Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal stations have stepped in to offer grants of free advertising and promotion, or steep discounts to help local businesses ReStart and recover.

“The COVID-19 pandemic impacted almost every industry in Canada, including campus and community radio stations.” began Barry Rooke, Executive Director of NCRA/ANREC. “Despite record breaking losses in revenue, stations continued to stay on air to serve their communities. Those same stations have now stepped up to support local businesses through free advertising”

Over the course of the pandemic, stations continued to be a vital source of information for their communities. This included delivering public health announcements and interviewing key stakeholders, such as public health professionals and local officials. In communities across Canada the campus and community stations prioritize promoting and supporting local businesses. They recognize that in order to help kick-start the economy and let Canadians know what’s open, businesses need to reach those communities. The stations have already committed over $210,000 in free advertising through grants to support local businesses. They have also launched a range of steep discounts such as doubling the advertising buy.

“As we continue to serve communities across Canada, campus and community radio stations continue to be ready in supporting the advertising needs of businesses of all sizes. We are all in this together and community radio is doing it’s part to help ReStart these local economies and support our communities” continued Rooke.

Campus and community radio stations can be found in various different communities across Canada. From northern indigenous communities to minority language communities, and in major cities, stations can sometimes be the only source of information for communities. Community radio stations have dedicated and engaged listeners. More information, and the full listing of participating stations can be found at

“We are proud that these non-profit local stations have stepped up and are offering significant value to support the recovery. We sincerely hope businesses will take up this opportunity.” concluded Rooke.


The National Campus and Community Radio Association represents over 100 radio stations from across Canada that operate in over 63 languages.

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