Community Radio Growing in Canada!

The CRTC’s 2016 Communications Monitoring Report revealed some key information about subjects that are relevant to the campus and community radio sector. One element highlighted is the increasing number of stations. The report says, “Private commercial radio stations account for almost two-thirds of all the audio services in Canada, while community stations, the second most numerous type of audio service, represented 12% of all audio services in 2015.”

SECTOR GROWTH In 2015, community radio stations were the second most numerous type of audio service in Canada after private commercial stations and represented 12% of the broadcasting sector. There are around ⅓ as many campus stations: about the same proportion as Aboriginal and religious stations . Figure 4.1.3 illustrates the relative percentage of each kind of broadcasting service in Canada. Last year, the number of community radio broadcasters increased by 9.4%, compared to a 0.69% increase of commercial radio broadcasters (AM+FM). This reflects a 5-year trend. Since 2011, there has been a 31% increase in the number of community radio broadcasters , with only an 8.8% increase of commercial radio broadcasters. The annual growth rate of community stations was also between 4% – 9% ... See More in the Report