NCRA Indigenous Zine - Content Wanted April 16 Deadline

Hello/Tansi/Salut/Yaw and in many more languages,

The Indigenous committee is putting together a zine about developing PSAs identifying traditional territories, per the action item on the Board’s strategic plan, which arose from the Open Space discussion at the 34th National Campus and Community Radio Conference (“NCRC”) this past June. The discussions around this item yielded the idea of content such as:

- How to research which territory(ies) you're on

- Testimonials by people who have seen changes in their communities after their stations began declaring that they are on unceded and traditional territory

- A glossary of terms like unceded, traditional, Indigenous sovereignty, Nationhood, etc.

- Artwork, collages, and cartoons to help articulate really complicated ideas that are hard to put into words

- Production and editing tips

The zine will be distributed at the upcoming NCRC in Ottawa as well as online, with possibly a second run to be mailed to community radio stations across Canada who were unable to attend the conference.

For this ambitious project, we need various contributors:

ARTISTS - We need cover art, various doodles and borders to make the publication more visually pleasing, and artwork to help articulate important ideas. All ideas are welcome as long as they are somehow linked to traditional territory.

WRITERS - We would like to include testimonials about changes that you’ve personally seen in your community due to your station airing PSAs identifying traditional territories, stories about the importance of drawing attention to traditional territory, as well as technical tutorials.

PHOTOGRAPHERS - We would like to include sweet and silly photographs of hosts of Indigenous-centered programs taken at community radio stations.

Please note that the entire project is extremely tight on space and time and therefore, we must curate all contributions. There are no guarantees of publication, however we encourage as many submissions as possible. Please share the attached poster widely.

The deadline for all proofed submissions is April 16th, 2016.

For submissions or general questions, please contact Olivia Golosky at

Thanks everyone!

Barry Rooke
on behalf of the Indigenous committee