NCRC ready to go in Fredericton!


Here are some of the NCRA/ANREC coordinated sessions

Avoiding Burnout in Non-Profit Radio
In 2017, a key topic presented at our open-space session was on burnout, both volunteer and staff.  This presentation will help both staff and volunteers (board, programmers etc) understand what burnout is, the signs and symptoms of it and what can be done both personally and within the organization to help reduce the stresses it causes on personal life.

Sports Broadcasting
Why is it important for local community broadcasters to have sports broadcasting? We are excited to have two great speakers lined up to discuss the importance in covering local sports. Joining us is Photi Sotiropoulos Director, Communications and Media Relations at the Canadian Olympic Committee speaking about the need and benefit of covering Olympic sports throughout the year and and Nick Murray (CBC Broadcaster)

Times Up for Radio Too:
Time’s Up is a movement against sexual harassment that emerged out of the international  #MeToo movement. In Canada, the entertainment industry has collectively worked to respond to the need to address sexual harassment and in March 2018 the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) and many other agencies and organizations signed on to the Creative Industries Code of Conduct, to respond to and prevent harassment claims. Campus and Community radio stations are not immune, over ¼ of stations responding to a national survey reported cases of sexual harassment or misconduct at their stations in the past two years.

Hometown Hero’s Festival
Featuring local artist nightly, this live music and social event connects conference-goers to the true flavour of the town.  Free of course to all conference attendees.

Other Highlights:

NCRA/ANREC Community Radio, Broadcast and Online Awards (Annual Awards Gala, the CRABOs!)


Screening of The Capital Project

Full beta-guide is here

Also in attendance:

CRTC Commissioner Christopher MacDonald

MP Matt Decourcey

CRTC Staff

ISED Staff (with Safety Code 6 Session)

Freya Zaltz (NCRA/ANREC Regulatory Affairs Advisor)

Flights are a good deal, registration is low, breakfast and lunch are provided, werewolves are on the loose and all your favourite (and new) friends from C/C radio are attending.  Why not register and join us next week.

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