Request for Proposals - Developer for Voting System (Dec 8 Deadline)

Hello Developers

The NCRA is searching for a suitable developer and partner to create a system to aid in voting and decision making which will be used in our June 2016 AGM.

The association here has secured funding and is now looking for developers to put in an application to become the main developer. If interested, please cater a small proposal expressing how you would develop the project with the following points below.

The National Campus and Community Radio Association is looking to take on a project that is essentially a online system that will assist in using Roberts Rules when at an AGM or planning meeting, to help streamlining discussion and voting. What we are looking to develop in brief is the following

1) Online system where members log-in to an account,
2) The host can feed questions to a group (In person, or via a live link online)
3) Members can push a button that puts them on a speakers list to discuss the item
4) After the speakers list is exhausted, a question can be called.
5) All members have 1 minute (or another time frame), to enter a vote (For, against, abstain)
6) Votes are tallied and displayed as a result to those in person or online via a live link.
7) Meeting continues to the next phase, results are recorded.

In addition, the service should aid in gauging the temperature of a room. For example, members can vote on a scale of one to ten, and that information can help to lead discussion in a non-formal voting system and way to remove those who are "for or against", and allow for those who are undecided to work towards generating a better understanding of the situation.

This project is funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada. It will be made accessible for member stations to use for their own needs (i.e. their own AGM and planning). It could be licensed to other organizations to use it, which is a discussion that needs to happen and comments are welcome in the proposal.

Funding amounts are fixed in advance based on the grant we have received for this project. Please include in your proposal your projected cost and breakdown. (We will not publicly announce the amount set aside for the project, but please be aware that our total grant received is $100,000 and that we have 5-6 other projects which range in a variety of values within it, so this should help to in determining the viability of what funds are allocated to the project)

Application Deadline - December 8 2015
Decision of Developer - December 15 2015
Completion of Project - June 1st 2015

Please also include your contact information, examples of past work and other relevant information you feel will benefit in the application process - to barry at by Dec 8.

Barry Rooke - NCRA Executive Director