The NCRA/ANREC Releases Listener Data

The NCRA/ANREC has some great news! With lots of requests for listenership data, we have hired Abacus Data, a market research company out of Ottawa, to conduct a national survey of 2,000 Adult Canadians on audience percentage and awareness for campus and community radio in Canada.

Please see the attached infographic on some of the research Abacus was able to find. You Can also read the full Abacus Data report HERE

Our next step at the office is to coordinate more data that will require stations to participate in helping us get more accurate numbers. For stations that are interested in obtaining information on their region/city, in particular, the NCRA/ANREC wants to know if you are interested in assisting with research.  Additional, Abacus Data has expressed an interest in working with C/C stations (But we would like to coordinate with you). For more information please visit their website.

Please contact for more information