Voices of Community Radio: Week Five!

Voices of Community Radio is the NCRA's weekly spotlight series featuring the individual experiences of community radio lovers across the country. The series is in support of the NCRA's monthly donation program, Friends of Community Radio.

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This week, NCRA staff members Shelley and Penny stepped into our sophisticated recording booth (read: we took our recorder into the abandoned office across the hall and hid under a sweater to muffle the echo) to try and explain how it came to be that we love radio so much.

Listen to our Executive Director Shelley Robinson talk about recording the feminist shows on Halifax's CKDU-FM at 16 and sending the tapes back home to her friends, getting her own show there, and becoming inspired by the national radio community at her first National Campus and Community Radio Conference. Music by The White Wires off the album WWII

Listen to Friends Program Coordinator Penny Clark talk about her first day at CiTR-FM in Vancouver and the warm welcome she found at the station and why she wants to do what she can to ensure that people across the country have access to the invaluable support networks available through campus and community radio. Music by Korean Gut, recorded live on the air on Duncan's Donuts

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