Voices of Community Radio: Week Six!

Voices of Community Radio is the NCRA's weekly spotlight series featuring the individual experiences of community radio lovers and supporters from across the country. 

This week we feature the important work that our Membership Coordinator and Resonating Reconciliation Project Materials Coordinator Kari Benninghaus and Resonating Reconciliation Outreach Coordination and project founder Gunargie O'Sullivan have done during their time working at the NCRA. Though their contracts come to an end today, we hope we will be able to have them back at the NCRA soon to continue the valuable work they have begun. 

Listen to Kari here. Music by The Two Minute Miracles. Listen to Gunargie here. Music by Arbutus

For more Voices, go to our Voices of Community Radio page. To suggest someone you would like to see featured here, contact Friends of Community Radio coordinator Penny Clark at penny AT ncra DOT ca.

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