RJS Radio Fest Fundraiser

On September 6th, 2013, from 6pm-10pm the Radio Station Cafe at 101 Hastings St. Vancouver, BC, hosted the first ever Red Jam Slam Radio Fest Fundraiser.

It is being held in honour of Red Jam Slam former President Norma Rose Point. Rose was a Musqueam Elder who had made an outstanding contribution to the entire lower mainland community in all areas of public life, especially in education. Those at Red Jam Slam had the privilege of her deep caring guidance and love of the community and encouragement in the development of the arts. She will be remembered especially during this year's events with the ongoing flourishing of our arts community.

There was an exciting lineup of Indigenous professionals, featuring model Joleen Alica Mitton and carver Andy Wesley. With these artists and more they were raising funds for the first ever Red Jam Slam Radio Festival that took place from September 10th-13th at four different radio stations in the lower mainland.

The on-air festival took place at the following stations:
CJSF - cjsf.ca - 90.1 FM - Tuesday Sept. 10, 3pm-7pm
CIVL - civl.ca - 101.7 FM - Wednesday, Sept. 11, 3pm-7pm
CFRO - coopradio.org - 100.5 FM - Thursday, Sept. 12, 3pm-7pm
CiTR - citr.ca - 101.9 FM - Friday, Sept. 13, 3pm-7pm

Other artists include: Rob G of ShopWrong, Okalani of OKA's fashions, Tyler Jacobs of TAJ House of Talents, artist Alano Edzerza, Maurissa Nahanee from 7 Magazine, Wayne Lavallee, producer Patrice Mousseau, comedian Pasty Burns your Wagon, The Breezers, carver Glen Harper, poetry of Mureil Marjorie and Stephen Lytton. Refreshments were served, and there were door prizes, a 50/50 draw, and a raffle. Admission was by donation.

For more information about the fundraiser or the festival, please visit http://redjamslam.com/.

If you are in crisis, and need emotional support, please call the 24-Hour National Crisis Line: