!earshot Distro Distribution System

Music Distribution. Made Better.

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The !earshot Digital Distribution System (!eDDS) is an online platform that will allow the Canadian music industry to upload musical recordings to be searched, reviewed, and downloaded by campus and community radio stations to be broadcast across Canada.

The NCRA/ANREC has estimated that up to $2,000,000 is lost annually by the Canadian music industry. Why?

Distributing music to campus and community radio stations.

Due to lack of storage space — a substantial number of CDs are rejected by community and campus stations.

That’s why we created !earshot Distro.

With !eDDS we expect to reduce the cost of distributing to campus and community radio stations by 80%.
This dramatically increases the reach and distribution of music to campus and community radio stations.

Okay, but how much does it cost?

$50/Album (8-20 Songs) or $7/Song.

All revenue generated funds the !earshot Distro management and development. The NCRA/ANREC is a non-profit organization.

The !eDDS is available for Canadian record labels, distributors, and independent artists to use. Why not check it out?

See who’s already amped-up their distribution with !eDDS*

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Get your music on campus community radio across Canada. Reach radio stations and programmers for $7 per song or $50 per album. At earshot-distro.ca
The !earshot Digital Distribution System has been developed by the National Campus and Community Radio Association Inc./L’Association nationale de radios étudiantes et communautaires Inc. (NCRA/ANREC) in conjunction with Canadian campus and community radio stations, and the Canadian music industry (record labels, distributors, independent artists, etc.).