Community Radio. What is it, Really?

Community and Campus Radio leads Canadian Culture.

These stations (members list) are as diverse as the communities that made them with programming offered in over 65 languages across the country! These are non-profit community-based stations and many participate in local projects and fundraising, constantly giving back every penny put in. Here is more information about a snapshot of our sector as of March 2023, our history, current membership, alumni and listening numbers. Are you looking to start a station? Click here!

Looking for our old site? It has been archived as of November 8, 2021! We will launch a new site in 2023 if you want information on our projects. However, we have access to our Resonating Reconciliation project here

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Supporting Community Radio means supporting your communities. Tune into your local stations or consider making a donation to show your support.

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Read the story of how C/C radio came became an integral part of Canadian Culture.

What Can a Membership Do for My Station?

Get you started and keep you going.

Whether you’re already established or still in those early stages, we’ve got your back every step of the way. Our resources are here to help you and your station navigate the sometimes confusing world of radio. All members in good standing get access!

Regulatory Support

Regulatory Support

Over 50 years of combined support to assist your station with its CRTC, ISED and Federal/provincial regulations.

Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

Need equipment, advice, group purchases?  We help with all of that!

Connect to your community

Connect to your community

Members across the country have unique connections with their communities, and often share information

Grants and Reviews

Grants and Reviews

We not only help find your station granting opportunities but review your applications as part of membership

Great resources

Great resources

Access policies, group health and insurance, iHeartRadio and RadioPlayer Canada streaming services, national advertising and more.



Online and in-person training for staff, board and volunteers/programmers

!earshot Distro - Syndicated Programming

A simple way for producers to share programs with other stations, and a great place for stations and broadcasters to find programming to air. Members can log-in and download content for broadcast!

check it out

External Services

What else do we have to offer? Lots!

Here you can check out some other services that we offer publicly as well as for members.


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!earshot Digital Distribution External Services

Build by the NCRA/ANREC for the NCRA/ANREC and Canadian Artists/Musicians/Distro companies. Sharing …

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Job Board External Services

ALL ACTIVE JOBS ARE LISTED HERE! Click to see our archived job …

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Advertising and PSAs External Services

Learn more via our standalone website

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!earshot Charts External Services

What is charting across the country? Find out on our own national chart system, !earshot!

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Community Radio Awards External Services

Each year, the NCRA/ANREC recognizes over 20 awards to people and stations across the country in its Community Radio And Broadcasting Online awards (CRABO’s).

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Latest News

Read from our large collection of articles written by field experts.

REGISTER NOW – NCRA/ANREC Podcast School Spring Semester is Live

Hello everyone! The Podcast School semester is open for registration! Semester starts March 19th, 2024! We are hosting a 5 week program, twice a week for a total of 10 courses in all things Podcasts, with amazing experts from across …

The National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA) and Farm Radio International (FRI) host a World Radio Day event in Ottawa to celebrate the importance of radio. 

For Immediate Release The National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA) and Farm Radio International (FRI) host a World Radio Day event in Ottawa to celebrate the importance of radio.  The theme for this year’s World Radio Day is A …

The National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC) Supports the Development of a national Indigenous Radio Association in Canada

Update: January 11, 2024 The NCRA/ANREC is proud to report that two successful meetings with interested individuals and organizations have been completed and are resulting in the early steps to form a national Indigenous Radio Association. The meeting discussed the …

Board Members

Interested in joining the board of directors? Information is here!


Adriel Smiley CJRU-AM (Toronto, ON)
Allison O’Reilley CJLO-AM (Montreal, QU)
Arbie Fru CHLY-FM (Nanaimo, BC)
Diana Kirkwood CJRC-FM (Rockland, ON)
Luke Smith CIUT-FM (Toronto, ON)
Mark Kilfoil CHSR-FM (President) (Fredericton, NB)
Matt Mabee CINB-FM (Saint John, NB)
Rhea Rollman CHMR-FM (St Johns, NL)
Weadee Mombo CJAM-FM (Windsor, ON)

Past board members
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