Membership Fees

Last update – November 7, 2022

In 2022, Starting April 1st membership dues are being adjusted to account for inflation costs to 1% of revenue, $200 minimum, $2500 Maximum. Read more about this here!

You must be a member in good standing to have ongoing access to NCRA/ANREC services like the listserve, awards, our regulatory support, NCRA/ANREC funding for special projects like Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, the members-only section of the group insurance program, and !earshot-Distro to name a few.   

You must also be a member in good standing to vote at our AGM, either in-person or electronically, and to nominate candidates to the Board.  

To be a member in good standing you must have paid your dues in full for the previous year

Dues Calculations:
Dues are 1.0% of your total revenue (including grants) of the previous year CRTC 1110 form from the Annual returns or (if not licensed), your year-end statements. The minimum payment is $200 and the maximum remains $2500. Stations submitted with CRTC forms had any “contra advertising” removed from the total amount earned on the year.  Those who submitted the 1110 or annual return have had their dues already calculated and you should have been notified what it would most likely be

Your first year of membership is $100 (Return members not applicable) 

You may submit funds in multiple ways:
1) Cheque via mail:

PO Box 81044
World Exchange Postal Outlet
Ottawa, ON
K1P 1B1

2) Via our membership platform “Membee” in which you will receive an invoice at the start of each year -Payment can be made via credit card on the Membee platform, but cheque is preferred for payments over $500

3) E-transfer to (auto-deposit should be enabled)

4) Direct Deposit (Bank #829, Transit #00107 Account #00828152)

Remaining in Good Standing
A station is in good standing and will receive all the benefits of a membership outlined in the NCRA/ANREC bylaws and Code of Conduct/Membership Agreement (Fall 2020), as long as membership is kept up to date.

Members who are 18 months overdue from payment are suspended from membership and will have access to all services removed until they can return to good standing.

Members who are 3 years overdue with payments will have their membership revoked.

Reductions, Waivers or Deferrals
If you need to work out a payment plan, ask the Board (via our Fundraising and Finance Committee) to waive some or all of your dues because of particular financial hardship or have questions about outstanding unpaid dues, please get in touch with us and we can make sure everything is in order.  Fee reductions and waivers are available for members dealing with financial hardship on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Executive Director to submit your request.

For more information about your membership, see the NCRA/ANREC Membership Agreement/Code of Conduct.