NCRA/ANREC Membership Passes new Mission/Vision/Values at 2023 AGM

The NCRA/ANREC is happy to announce the passing of the organizations new Mission, Vision, Values – an update not done since 2003. The new language provides the organization with a more succinct focus and goals to develop new operational plans and support for its members.

Thanks to Lorna Huiskamp, the volunteer committee, Freya Zaltz for driving the project, and our members who provided input into the changes.

The mission is:
● To advance campus, community and Indigenous radio in Canada, through advocacy, promotion,
and education.

The vision is:
● To strengthen Canadian communities, amplify diverse voices and empower people to share their

The values are:
● Equity, Diversity & Inclusion – Creating space for under-represented groups; Proactively seeking
out meaningful contributions from diverse voices; Ensuring access and support for all.
● Community – Collective groups of peoples and stations brought together by common interests;
Culture of service, volunteer contributions, and grassroots activities.
● Collaboration – Stronger together; Openness to working with others and seeking
mutually-beneficial opportunities; Networking and sharing between members.

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