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Happy World Radio Day!

Sending its love a day before Valentine's, February 13, 2011 has been declared the first annual World Radio Day by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

To celebrate you could visit the website, which includes 15 ways to celebrate (including helping spread the just-launched Community Media: A good practice handbook) and 10 quotes about radio, like this one from Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuchlan: “Radio affects most intimately, person-to-person, offering a world of unspoken communication between writer-speaker and the listener”.

Or you could listen to/play/broadcast the NCRA's commemoratory, exclamatory, public service announcement in English and French! 

New Membership Coordinator!

Welcome to Alan Sovran (pronounced “sovereign”), the new Membership Coordinator!

Alan is from CFRU-FM in Guelph where for three years he hosted indie music shows ("Okay Radio", "Fake Headlines" and "Alan's Psychadelic Breakfast", the last one named after a Pink Floyd song.) He was also on their Board of Directors for a year.

He is super keen about community radio and though an Anglophone, speaks, writes and loves French. His job over the next nine months includes launching a French version of our website, planning a bilingual track of workshops at NCRC and helping develop materials to help stations carry more French programming and services.

And of course he will also be working on member outreach and communications and supporting stations with compliance and other questions and concerns. He will be in the office full-time and his email is

RFP - Lead Co-op Developer

Just in time for the kick-off to the International Year of Co-operatives, we are releasing a Request for Proposals for a Lead Co-op Developer. 

This position is to coordinate co-op development activities for a project called “Sounds Co-operative” funded by the Innovative Co-operative Projects Program of the Co-operative Development Initiative, and jointly undertaken by CJLY-FM Kootenay Co-op Radio in Nelson, BC, and the National Campus and Community Radio Association, based in Ottawa.

The project aims to provide (formative and existing) campus and community radio stations with assistance to become or transition to co-ops, report on and work with co-operatives in their community, and spread the word about co-op principles and innovative uses of the co-op model.

The Lead Developer will work with the Sounds Co-operative Coordinating Committee to source and adapt educational materials and contract co-op developers across the country to aid in the development or transition of between 3 and 5 identified new community radio co-operatives. 

For more information, go to the full job description.

Notice of Consultation: Codes of Conduct

The CRTC recently released a Notice of Consultation on the NCRA/ANREC's Proposed Codes of Conduct and Proposed Guidelines and Best Practices that together could replace codes developed by commercial broadcasters.

We believe that using codes developed by the commercial sector is, in many cases, not a good fit for our stations because they respond to needs and values which are very different from those of community radio.

Submitted in July 2011, the NCRA's proposed Codes and Guidelines cover matters related to complaints, programming standards, advertising, and employees and volunteers.

The deadline for interventions is February 16, 2012. For more information click on the title of this post.

NOW HIRING: Coordonnateur/coordonnatrice des relations avec les membres

The NCRA/ANREC is looking for a Membership Coordinator who can help make the organization more bilingual and serve our more than 80 current members (and recruit even more) in both official langauges. We are looking for someone who could have written this posting in French, for example.

The position is funded through a grant from the Department of Canadian Heritage's Enhancement of Official Languages Program.

The ideal candidate is fluent in written and spoken French and English; has experience in the campus/community radio sector or a not-for-profit organization; strong writing skills and experience writing internet content ; audio and multimedia production skills; and is enthusiastic about joining an association that unites and serves campus and community radio stations across the country.

For more information click here. Deadline to apply is November 16, 2011.

Reclaim your radio!

On Monday November 14, campus and community radio stations across Canada will air Reclaim your Radio, a special day-long broadcast celebrating the 25th anniversary of the NCRA, the launch of our campaign to reserve frequencies for c/c stations in communities across the country and the 11th annual Media Democracy Day.

It will air live from 12-8pm ET on participating stations nationwide.

Tune in, turn on, and stand up for community radio! For more information click here.

Sounds Cooperative: new grant awarded!

We are working with Kootenay Co-op Radio CJLY-FM in Nelson, BC to get the word out about community radio, co-operatives and co-operative community radio.

Together we were awarded a grant of more than $65,000 from the Co-operative Development Initiative, funded by the government of Canada and administered by the Canadian Co-operative Association. The money will support an online handbook, a series of radio documentaries on co-operation in Canada and around the world, and regional workshops to help community radio groups that want to start up co-operatives.

“There’s a natural fit between community radio and co-operatives,” said NCRA Executive Director Shelley Robinson. “Both involve people coming together to serve their communities and build something stronger than what they can do alone.”

For more information or to download the press release, click on the title of this post.

CRTC calls for radio applications in Toronto

Today the CRTC released a call for applications for radio stations to serve Toronto. The full details of the call are here:

This frequency is available because CKLN-FM, the community-based campus station that was at Ryerson University, had their licence revoked for non-compliance. They had been broadcasting for more than 27 years and though they had some problems, the station also had a history of producing great programming, and were committed to representing the city's diverse communities. They were a true "voice of the underground", as their slogan said.

This loss meant that their frequency became available. The NCRA would like to encourage people to help support the continued existence of community-based radio in downtown Toronto. Applications are due by December 19, 2011. The Ryerson Student Union is also holding a referendum for its students to gauge interest in preparing a new application.

For more information, contact the NCRA at

New member on the AM dial!

Welcome to CJLO 1690 AM, the community-based campus station at Concordia University in Montreal.

Formed in 1998 as a merger between two former stations, CJLO has been streaming online since 2003 and in 2008 joined the AM dial with 1000 watts of power. They now have more than 80 on-air volunteers and together have racked up an impressive list of awards, including CMJ's "Station of the Year" in 2010 and being named one of the best college radio stations by the Huffington Post.

CJLO-AM also has an extensive archive of live music sessions from its studios, the latest is Rae Spoon, featured on the show "With Gay Abondon". Check it out at

Happy birthday to us!

OTTAWA, July 14, 2011 – Today we celebrate 25 years of working with and for campus and community radio stations all over Canada. A lot has changed since 1986, but much of the work is the same: supporting the right of communities to speak for themselves, representing the sector to government and industry, and bringing passionate people together to share their skills, ideas and voices.

“Twenty-five years is an important milestone for a non-for-profit organization,” said Shelley Robinson, Executive Director. “Despite changing technologies it shows how relevant we still are in making space for diverse community voices.”

Today we had cupcakes and wore party hats in the office. But we'll continue to celebrate all year long. Among the efforts to highlight the event, we will release a public service announcement (PSA) every month, produce a radio documentary on the history of the sector, and host a national Community Radio Day. Listen to the first PSA, an overview of our history, here in English and French.

For more information, click on the title of this post.