NCRA/ANREC Byelection Notice

NCRA/ANREC Byelection Announcement – November 2022

November 3rd, 2022

Dear members, 

The NCRA/ANREC is conducting a by-election to fill four board seats not filled at the NCRA/ANREC AGM. Member stations are encouraged to nominate a programmer, volunteer, board member or staff member. These seats are for two-year board terms, expiring at the 2024 AGM (Approximately 18 months). This by-election must elect four non-women, of which one identifies as indigenous and at least one comes from the Prairies/North/Quebec to fulfill our board composition requirements under the bylaws and our newly approved Leadership Representation Policy.

Please contact if you have any questions about board duties or the election procedure, or if you wish to submit a nomination form.

Voting procedures will be sent out to members after the candidates are announced.

Participation in the by-election as a candidate:

To participate as a candidate in this by-election, you must complete the online nomination form by 5pm PT, Dec 3, 2022 (you will need a “seconder”*).  On Dec 6, nomination forms will be redistributed by email to all NCRA/ANREC member stations, along with voting details. Members will have until Dec 14 to submit their vote and the elected representatives will be announced on Dec 15th. 

*Note – Each candidate needs to be nominated and have the nomination seconded by two people at other member stations. The candidate also must be endorsed by a Staff or Board member at their own station. Please enter the contact information for each endorsement, and the Nominations Committee will reach out to them for verification.

The current board is:

Mark Kilfoil – CHSR-FM  – term ends 2023 (Board President)

Randy Reid – CHRY-FM – term ends 2023 

Ana Rose Carrico – CiTR-FM – Term ends 2023 

Malik Nembhard – CJAM-FM – Term ends 2023 

Adriel Smiley – CJRU FM – Term ends 2024

Matt Mabee – CINB FM – Term ends 2024

Diverse representation

NCRA/ANREC members serve an audience recognized as diverse in ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical and mental ability, and the NCRA/ANREC board of directors must reflect this diversity.  The NCRA/ANREC has implemented a Leadership Representation Policy – approved in 2022 to build on this work.

The NCRA/ANREC strongly encourages applications from women, non-binary individuals, BIPOC, and people with disabilities. We also recognize the underrepresentation of community stations at a board level. The current board disproportionally represents the campus sector. 

The NCRA/ANREC recognizes its historic issues with discrimination and tokenism and is actively looking to improve itself as an organization and as a reflection of the diverse nature of c/c radio. Following our ‘They Don’t Come To Us’ report about systemic racism in our sector, we’re committed to addressing this and are actively working on solutions.  Diversity at a governance level is vital to the development of a healthier and more representative association. 

We ask that all stations share this call for nominations with your station, staff, board and volunteers and consider the need for diverse representation for the sector. 

No station can have more than one representative on the NCRA/ANREC Board, with the exception of the Indigenous seat. Therefore, any NCRA member station not represented already is encouraged to put forward a candidate in this by-election.

Kind regards,

Malik Nembhard (NCRA/ANREC Nominations Committee)

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