Tuesday, Jun 23

The NCRA/ANREC Board of Directors is conducting a by-election to fill two vacant positions on the Board.

The elected candidates will serve on the Board until NCRC 2017.

Time commitment is approximately 10-25 hours per month for Board and committee meetings and associated action items.

To participate as a candidate in the by-election, please complete and return the Board Nomination Form to larry.portelance@gmail.com by Thursday, July 9 at 5pm PT. On July 29, 2015 at 12am PT, the list of candidates and voting instructions will be distributed by email to NCRA members.

The election will conclude on August 18, 2015 at 11pm PT.  READ MORE...

Tuesday, Jun 16

The NCRA is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct and discrimination which have arisen from the NCRA 2015 Conference in Saint John.  The association requests that anyone interested in providing detailed information do so via the following methods as noted below in order to assess the situation and reply with a detailed response. 

The Board of Directors takes these allegations very seriously.  We ask that in respect of the situation and the safety of the people who are potentially/allegedly involved, information be submitted through the requested channels and not published through social media or other forms of public displays.

The Board of Directors of the NCRA has reviewed the information submitted by members with respect to conduct by members at the National Campus/Community Radio Conference in Saint John, and has struck a sub-committee to work with a third party organization to best move forward with its investigation. We continue to encourage anyone who wished to submit information to do so via the opportunities as listed, and will respond to those who have indicated they wish to be updated when we have enough information to address their concerns or questions.

Feedback form (can be anonymous):
Board of Directors Equity Officer Stephane Bertrand: equity@ncra.ca
Board of Directors Member: Sarah Newton vp@ncra.ca
UNBSJ Security Dept David Gillespie: dgill@unb.ca


Thank you
Barry Rooke
Executive Director - NCRA
c/o Board of Directors

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