11 weeks 2 days

It's Programmer Week redux on this instalment of Voices of Community Radio!

Listen to the double-or-nothing host of the shows G R L G R M S and Mood Swings on CIVL-FM in Abbotsford and Resonating Reconciliation producer, Alicia Williams! 

Listen to Jarrett Evan Samson, Tough Age frontperson and bass player of the Apollo Ghosts talking about his old show Geographing on CJSF-FM in Vancouver and how radio helped him get in to playing music himself and inspired him to start his own label. 

Hear about Christmas Spooktaculars and awards on this week's Voices of Community Radio!

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About the NCRA/ANREC

See for yourself: community voices are powerful.

Founded in 1986, we help campus and community radio stations get and stay on-air. We help amplify under-represented voices. We promote public education about community media. And we represent community radio to the government, CRTC and other agencies. 

The NCRA/ANREC also provides a forum for people to share their skills, passion and ideas. Listen local, think national and get involved! The power is yours. 

13 weeks 2 days

We've recently updated our website with the list of submissions the NCRA has made to the CRTC over the last ten years -- for individual stations and the sector as a whole. It may still be missing a few entries, but is pretty comprehensive. Check it out herepileofletters It's a good resource for stations wanting to draft their own letters and looking for templates/examples. It also shows the work we're doing for members (and how much more of that work we keep doing, year after year).