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Today we are celebrating the important work that Membership Coordinator and Resonating Reconciliation Project Materials Coordinator Kari Benninghaus and Resonating Reconciliation Outreach Coordinator Gunargie O'Sullivan.

On Voices of Community Radio, Kari and Gunargie talk about what they hope will come from the Resonating Reconciliation project; things both beautiful and terrifying; and aural road trips.

Sadly, their contracts at the NCRA come to a close today, however we hope to welcome them back as soon as possible to continue the work they have begun with Resonating Reconiliation.

Follow this link to hear their Voices and more. To donate to the NCRA through our Friends of Community Radio program and support project like Resonating Reconciliation, follow this link

Pictured, the NCRA Board continues our tradition of celebrating milestones and major accomplishments with delicious treats at our in-person board meeting today. 

About the NCRA/ANREC

See for yourself: community voices are powerful.

Founded in 1986, the National Campus and Community Radio Association/l’Association nationale des radios étudiantes et communautaires is committed to volunteer-driven, community-oriented radio across Canada. 

Our goals are to ensure stability and support for individual stations and the long-term growth and effectiveness of the sector.
We promote public education about community media and help represent community radio to government and other agencies.

The NCRA/ANREC also provides a forum for people to share their skills, ideas and passion. Listen local, think national and get involved! The power is yours. 

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GroundWireGroundWire is the grassroots newsmagazine produced by NCRA members.

This week on GroundWire: the Secwepemc Women Warrior Society protests Imperial Metals mines at Toronto Stock Exchange; les organisateurs du forum social de peuple s'attendre a rassemblé 10 000 militant à Ottawa; une entrevu avec une manifestante de l'oléoduc « Line 9 » d'Enbridge à Oxford, Ontario; resistance to the Jumbo Glacier Resort in British Columbia; and more...

This bilingual episode was produced on unceded Algonquin Territory by Rachel Swatek and Veronique Hynes at CHUO-FM in Ottawa, ON. 

Listen or download the episode here