Advisory Committee

The Resonating Reconciliation project is guided by a national advisory committee made up of residential school survivors, immediate family members of survivors, and those that represent survivors.

This committee will oversee all aspects of the project to help guide c/c stations to cover the legacy of Indian Residential Schools with respect. Through this, the committee contributes to affirming the experiences and needs of former students and their families and ensures that the project is approached with honour, and validates the healing of survivors and their families by making it the central subject of this work. They will help create resources and ensure the project, from administration to project activities to its promotions, will be guided by the committee with an explicit mandate of respecting and reflecting Aboriginal cultures and traditions.

This committee is composed of people from many different Nations, languages, and regions, and meets each month via telephone conference to make sure work continues in a positive direction. Their insights will help drive this project, and ensure it is guided by survivors defining their own stories and feelings towards reconciliation.

If you are in crisis, and need emotional support, please call the 24-Hour National Crisis Line: